Celebrations – 2014

World Holy Name Week Around the World

1) 2 Three hour harinaam.
2) One nagar Sankirtan.
3) Seminar on holy Names

1) 13th & 14th Sept: 24 hours kirtan at Sri Sri Radha Madhava Ashram

Bangalore- INDIA
1) 5th Sept: Nagar Sankirtan – 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
2) 6th Sept: Holy Name Seminar – 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
3) 7th Sept: Japa Walk – 7.30 to 8.15 a.m.
S.B. Class by HG Ishvarahari Pr – 8.30 to 9.45 a.m.
‘The Open Secret’- Skit by children of Krishna’s Kingdom – 9.45 to 10.00 a.m.
4) 8th Sept: Japa Seminar – 5.30 to 8.30 p.m. on ‘ the Ten Offenses against the Holy Name
5) 9th Sept: Japa Seminar – 5.30 to 8.30 p.m. on ‘ 9 keys to improve our Japa’-
6) 10th Sept: Group Chanting with Srila Prabhupada- 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
7) 11th Sept: Srila Prabhupada Video lectures on The Holy Name
8) 12th Sept: Quiz & Games on The Holy Name – 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
9) 13th Sept: Seminar on ‘Plundering the sweetness of the Holy Name’ – 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.
10) 14th Sept: SB Class by HG Radheshyam Pr – 8.30 to 9.45 a.m.
11) 15th Sept: Grand Finale – KIRTAN SANDHYA 4.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Solapur- INDIA
1) Everyday Harinaam Sankirtan in the street
2) 12 hours Kirtan in temple on 10th Sept
3) 24 hours Kirtan in temple on 14th Sept
4) 64 rounds chanting on the last day 15th Sept
5) Distributing stickers and pamphlets of Holyname.
6) In every program 1 round chanting and distributing beads
7) Everyday 1 or 2 lectures and speaking Glories of Holy Name in the Devotees homes
8) Temple decorating with Harinaam flexes and pastimes telling glories of Holy Name
9) Twice a week magalarati and bhjans sandhya in the house of devotees.
10) Sending SMS about the Holy Name

1) This year we will be counting Japathon scores group wise or counselor wise. Counselor/Dev who will be able to get max score for his group will be awarded a very special trophy/shield.
2) Also, we wish to encourage and inspire devs to get max Harinam books written by new people. You can inspire your friends, etc to fill atleast one book and return. Counselor/Dev who will get max Harinam books filled will also be awarded with a trophy/shield.
3) Top 108 Devs chanting max rounds in Japathon and all devs chanting more than 64 rounds on 24 Hr Japa day will also be given individual prizes.
4) Japathon cards, Harinam books and HK MM stickers are are now available at NVCC information centre and SS RKB information centre and we request you to collect it for your group or the centre where you are preaching.

Panchsheel- INDIA
1) To participate in the programs organized by Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple as we are attached to the same.
2) To organize Japa sessions on Sunday morning at Siri Fort Lawns from 6.00 am to 8.00am
3) To chant 16 rounds group chanting at Panchsheel Temple, hearing Srila Prabhupada Lectures & videos (already done on 7th Sep.)
4) Tell people about the importance of Holy Name during Sunday Feast lecture.

Patna- INDIA
1) 6th Sept: Japa Seminars for youth./Congregation Chanting./Japa Seminars for congregation devotees.
2) 7th Sept: Japa Seminars for youth./Sunday feast lecture on holy name./Congregation Chanting./Japa Seminars for congregation devotees.
3) 8th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names.
4) 10th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names./Nagar Sankirtan
5) 11th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names.
6) 12th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names.
7) 13th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names./Congregation Chanting/Japa Seminars for congregation devotees.
8) 14th Sept: Morning Bhagavatam class on Holy names./Japa Seminars for congregation devotees./Sunday feast lecture on holy name

Bahadurgarh – INDIA
1) Inspire devotees to participate in japathon.
2) Senior boys can take the classes on harinam for their groups and we will keep this theme for sunday feast lecture also.
3) If possible we will organise a harinam sankirtan in bahadurgarh

Ujjain- INDIA
1) Japathon;We are giving japa report sheets to the devotees.They will fill
it with their extra japa rounds date wise and report it to us.
2) 12/24 hrs sankirtan yajna;We will do 3 days 12 hrs and 2 days 24 hrs sankirtan yajna.
3) Japa Seminar;It will be given by our co temple president H.G. Radha Vinod
Pr and myself.It will continue 5 days.
4) Special class on Holy names;It will be given by H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami
Maharaj 5 days.
5) Japa Booth;Here we will make the people understand the importance of
the Holy name in the age of kali and give them the japa beads to chant.
6) Dramas;Our temple devotees along with the local devotees will display different dramas related to Holy names.
7) Nagar Sankirtan;We will do 3 days nagar sankirtan and 1 day Maha Nagar Sankirtan.
8) Truck Sankirtan;We will chant the Holy names with musical instruments sitting on our temple truck.It will go on 3 days.
9) Village Sankirtan;At least 3 days will go to different village for sankirtan.
10) Chanting the Holy nanes on 108 steps every day.
11) Banners; We have made 7 banners.
12) Writing the Holy name;For this will supply pen and paper to the people and they will write the holy names at least 108 times.
13) Writing articles on the Holy names for the publication in the local news paper.
14) Kirtan Mela;We will do it 3 days in our temple.Everyday for 4 hours.

Tirunelveli – INDIA
1) Japa Seminar-Weekend Sat & Sun.
2) Nagar Sankirtan- 4 in WHNW.
3) Morning SB for WHNW on Holynames.

Auckland, NZ
1) 5th Sept: MAHA-HARINAM on Queen Street from 5pm Onwards.
2) 6th Sept: Mangere Markets outside Harinam then inside mall stage Kirtan 1.30-2.30pm, Otahuhu/Program at Temple from 6pm by H.H Janananda Gosvami Maharaj.
3) 7th Sept: Starting at 10am **Kirtan Festival & Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur’s Appearance.
4) 8th Sept: Point Chev, Mt. Albert, Mt. Roskill, Dominion Rd, Three Kings, Balmoral, Sandringham.
5) 9th Sept: Suburb Harinam (Central) Onehunga, Remuera, Epsom, New Market, Ponsonby/Acceptance of Sannyasa by Srila Prabhupada.
6) 10th Sept: Suburb Harinams (South) Either Highland Park, Howick, Meadowlands, Botany Downs, Chapel Downs
OR Manurewa, Papakura, Waiuku, Pukekohe
7) 11th Sept: Suburb Harinam (West) Te Atatu Peninsula, Titirangi, Blockhouse Bay, Avondale, New Lynn, Glen Eden, Henderson.
8) 12th Sept: Harinam (Central) Parnell, St. Heliers, Misson Bay, K. Road, Queen St.
*** MAHA-HARINAM on Queen Street from 5pm onwards
9) 13th Sept: Suburb Harinams (South) Otara Markets, Otahuhu, Old Papatoetoe, New Papatoetoe.
10) 14th Sept: Sri Sri RadhaGiridhari Temple (New Varshana)
Starting at 10am **Kirtan Festival continues…If Weather permits Harinam in Kumeu & Takapuna markets.
11) 15th Sept: Suburb Harinam (Central)
Ellerslie, Green Lane, Glenn lnnes, Panmure, Penrose, Mt. Wellington

1) 5th to 7th Sept: Padayatra.
2) 8th Sept: Rose Belle.
3) 9th Sept: Harinaam.
4) 11th Sept: Food For Life Port Louis & Harinama.
5) 12th Sept: Harinaam.
6) 13th Sept: Interfaith.
7) 14th Sept: 64 japa chanting & 10 hour kirtan.
8) 15th Sept: Temple program Maha Harinaam.

Srirangam- INDIA

Rajkot- INDIA

Surat- INDIA

Belgaum – INDIA
1) Hari Naam sankirtan in different areas.
2) Devotees will chant extra number of rounds.

Sripuram – INDIA
1) Daily 2 hrs Hari Naam Sankirtan in temple premises.
2) Nagar Sankirtan as well.

Mangalore – INDIA
1) Full time devotees as well as congregation devotees will chant more number of rounds.

1) small temple only 5-6 devotee they will increase their chanting rounds

Thiruvananthpuram – INDIA
1) Daily nagar sankirtan in different areas carrying Gaur-Nitai
2) One day 12 hr Hari Naam sankirtan date is yet to be finalized

Bangalore – INDIA
1) Hari Naam sankirtan on 7th Sept
2) Having 2 Japa booth one at main entrance and the other one near deities

1) Sankirtan every week day from 6.30pm – 9.30 pm
2) Special 12 hour kirtans on weekends & many more events
3) Japathons loaded with prizes
4) Skits and Dramas around Significance of Holy Name

1) Morning Special japa program under guidince of H.H Bhakti Ananta Krishna Goswami.
2) Srimad Bhagavatam classes will be dedicated to the topic of Holy Name. Classes will be giving by many Sanyasi and Srila Prabhupad’s disciples.
3) Kirtan-mandala, 12 Kirtan everyday.
4) Bhajan classes with H.G.Bada Hari prabhu
5) Educational courses – mridanga, karatala & harmonyum
6) Harinam-sankirtan leaders meeting.

Punjabi Bagh – INDIA
1) 7 Street Sankirtans at different areas.
2) 4 Rath Yatra Sankirtan with elephant procession, cow & bullock cart procession and a special Rath designed for small children with their own Kirtan party.
3) Park kirtans
4) Daily Morning Classes
5) Seminars on Harinaam
6) Japathon Stall
7) More than 200 colorful banners to be put on streets promoting Hari Nama Sankirtans.
8) Daily SMS containing the glories of Holy Name are being sent to devotees encouraging them for active participation in the Holy Name week.
9) Sunday feast Program.
10) We have created a facebook page Yuga Dharma – ISKCON Punjabi Bagh which will show Sankirtan photos and share information of future day Hari Nama sankirtans.

Delhi – INDIA
1) 5th Sept: 24 hour Kirtan at East of Kailash, Japathon at East Delhi
2) 6th Sept: Bhakti Vriksha Harinama at Katwaria Sarai
3) 7th Sept: Harinama at East of Kailash, Faridabad -I
4) 9th Sept: Harinama at Vikas Puri
5) 11th Sept: Harinama at Gurgaon
6) 12th Sept: Harinama at Faridabad-II
7) 13th Sept: Harinama at Dwarka, Leaders Group Japa, Viplava Youth
8) 14th Sept: Maha Harinama at East Delhi

1) Daily 7-9 PM House Programs in various grihastha devotees houses where devotees will do HariNaam Sankirtan & after that for 25 mins Glories & Importance of Holy Name will be described
2) On 10th Sept- 7-9 PM at Iskcon Najafgarh Centre- Special Seminar on How to Improve Quality of Chanting by HG Krishnananda Prabhu
3) On 7th Sept- 5 AM Devotees will gather together to chant 64 Rounds of japa
4) On 12th or 13th – Nagar Sankirtan in & around Najafgarh

Vrindavan – INDIA
1) 5th Sept: we are going to have a 12 Hrs Kirtan at the Parikrama Path outside the Goshala gate right from morning 6am-6pm
2) Ramai Prabhu with his Russian Kirtan Band can do Kirtan at the entrance and Gaura Mani Mataji can also join in shifts
3) WHNW Banners will be printed and hanged at important places of temple like at Front Entrance Gate, Guesthouse Gate and the back gate, during the Harinaam outside devotees will carry the WHNW flexi Placards to promote the event.
4) Morning SB class(Eng & Hindi) and evening BG class(Eng) will go on as normally only but the speakers will be told to glorify the Holy Name as an addition to the routine topic discussion.
5) Rasmandal Prabhu will conduct a Holy Name Seminar at Balaram Hall on one of the days and we will have more such seminars by different speakers.
6) Gurukula Boys can do some Drama on Holy Name, I will be discussing this with the Nirmal Krsna Prabhu-Vice Principal(BGIS)
7) Posters and Pamphlets will be distributed to various Temple Departments like Namahatta, Donation, Bhishma, Guesthouse etc.

South Africa
1) 5th Sept: Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence with Lalitanatha Prabhu
2) 6th Sept: Holy Name Class with His Grace Sundarlall Prabhu / Maha Harinam on Durban Beachfront (starting at Mini Town)
3) 7th Sept: We are hosting a seminar based on “Harinam Cintamani”
4) 8th Sept: Srila Haridas Thakur is the Namacharya (He set the example of perfect chanting for the entire world to follow) We pray that the Holy Name enters your heart.

Vallabh Vidyanagar – INDIA
1) A day of 24 hr kirtan
2) Nagar sankirtan
3) Japa marathon
4) Classes in morning daily on holy names.

Baroda – INDIA
1) Maha-Harinama on Sunday 14th Sept 2014
2) Seminar on the Holy Names
3) More activities are being planned

Madurai – INDIA
1) Harinama on 4th September-500-600 devotees expected
2) Monthly Magazine cover page design-WHNW display….Distributed acrossVarious nearby cities and towns like Madurai,Tirunelveli,Trinamanu etc.
3) 3 Programs on Glories of Holy Names in 3 Diff Districts

Pondicherry – INDIA
1) Saturday-Bhakti Yoga Program
2) Encourage newer people to chant on beads
3) Japa & Kirtan
4) Harinama on 14th nd 15th Sept

Ahmedabad – INDIA
1) 5th September, Friday: Innaugral Kirtan from 7pm onwards
2) 6th September, Saturday;- Harinaam Morning Walk(PRABHATA FERI) 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
3) 7th September, Sunday;- Maha Harinaam Sankirtan, 8-11am & Sunday Feast Class on Holy Name
4) 8th September, Monday:- Harinaam Morning Walk(PRABHATA FERI) 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
5) 9th September, Tuesday:- Kirtan in Park, 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
6) 10th September, Wednesday:- Harinaam Morning Walk(PRABHATA FERI) 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
7) 11th September, Thursday:- Kirtan in Park, 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
8) 12th September, Friday :- Harinaam Morning Walk(PRABHATA FERI) 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta
9) 13th-14th September, Saturday-Sunday:- 24 Hour Akhanda Harinnam Sankirtan
10) 15th September, Monday:- Harinaam Morning Walk(PRABHATA FERI) 6-7.30am & Evening Kirtan and Class on Holy Name in respective Namahatta.

1) Seminar: Teaching of Lord Caitanya
2) Cabbage Town Sankirtan Festival
3) Special Edition Tuesday Sanga
4) Movie Night
5) Yorkville Harinama
6) Supercrawl Hamilton Sankirtan
7) 64 Rounds Japa Day

Chandigarh – INDIA
1) Japathon
2) 6 hours Sankirtan
3) Morning classes on Holy names as the theme
4) WHNW Sunday feast lectures
5) Japa Booth
6) Gift shop sale

Noida – INDIA
1) 5th Sept Harinaam Class 8 to 9am / 24 hour non stop kirtan
2) 6th Sept Japa at Various parks on Noida / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
3) 7th Sept Chanting by Prahlad School Children
4) 8th Sept Harinaam Class / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
5) 9th Sept Harinaam Class / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
6) 10th Sept Harinaam Class / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
7) 11th Sept Harinaam Class / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
8) 12th Sept Harinaam Class / Nagar Harinaam Sankirtan
9) 13th Sept Bike Harinaam by IYF and bhaktivriksha / Harinaam Class
10) 14th Sept Harinaam in various sectors of Noida
11) 15th Sept Morning Class on Harinaam.

1) 5th Sept Shinjuku 7:30 pm ( Opening Ceremony )
2) 6th Sept Nishi Kasai 2 to 4 pm
3) 7th Sept HARAJUKU 3 to 7 pm + FFL
4) 8th Sept Ojima ( or near )
5) 9th Sept Akihabara
6) 10th Sept Kamakura 5pm to 7 pm
7) 11th Sept Koiwa
8) 12th Sept Shinjuku 7:30 pm
9) 13th Sept Nishi Kasai 2 – 4 pm
10) 14th Sept Harajuku 3 -7 pm + FFL
11) 15th Sept GINZA ( finishing ceremony )

Katra – INDIA
1) Morning Kirtan and group chanting daily.

Udhampur – INDIA
1) Morning Kirtan and group chanting daily.

Srinagar – INDIA 
1) Morning Kirtan and group chanting daily.
2) Kirtan in different areas.

Jammu – INDIA
1) Nagar Sankirtan on 5th Sept
2) Prabhat Faries, Group Chanting for one hour everyday.
3) Everyday 2 hr Kirtans in different areas.
4) Quiz / Drawing Contest in different schools.
5) One big Kirtan in Jammu District Central Jail.

Vaishnava Calendar for World Holy Name Week

24 Sep 2015 - Parsa Ekadashi
25 Sep 2015 - Sri Vamana Dwadashi, Srila Jiva Goswami Appearance  
26 Sep 2015 - Appearance Day of Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur Disappearance
27 Sep 2015 - Ananta Caturdasi Vrata, Srila Haridasa Thakur Disappearance